Meet Waihi Lifecare Facility Manager Wendy Rowe

Wendy, tell me about yourself and your experience in the Aged Care Sector.

I have lived at Waihi Beach for the past 12 years. I spent the first 20 years of my career as a nurse working at Waikato Hospital. I then left to work in Aged Residential Care as a Nurse Specialist and Clinical Nurse Manager for the next five years. Needing a change, I moved into education and worked as an Academic staff member for 12 years.

Most of my career as a registered nurse has been caring for older persons whether in a hospital, Aged Care Facility, or the community. Being a lecturer, highlighted my ongoing passion for care of the older person, and I decided that Aged Residential Care was the place I could make the most difference.

What attracted you to the position of Facility Manager at Waihi Life Care?

During Lockdown 2020 I worked from home and enjoyed not having to travel to Tauranga every day. I began looking for a position nearer to home. I already knew about the facility as I was working there as a casual Registered Nurse. When the opportunity came to explore the Facility Manager position at Waihi Life Care it sparked my curiosity. I spent time interviewing the owners to gain a better sense of their passion and vision. I was impressed with what they said. Waihi Life Care has a homely, inviting atmosphere and the old building makes you feel like you are taking care of a piece of history. But it was the dedication of the staff that inspired me to join the team.

What were your 2021 WLC highlights?

Last year was a busy year with a surveillance audit completed in July, which indicated that we are well on track with excellent results. This was due to the ongoing hard work of all the staff during lockdowns and since. Many care staff are pursuing educational opportunities also. Aged Residential care is a challenging environment to work in and the staff have shown a true passion and commitment to their work. We continue to grow and succeed.

What is your future vision for Waihi Lifecare?

Waihi Lifecare is now on a pathway to greatness. We have a clear vision to provide holistic, quality care that improves promotes, and protects the health of our residents/patients. We are a small, unique facility that exceeds due to our ‘team approach to care delivery. The staff, wherever they work, have a strong sense of community and connectedness.