Our Vision

Our Purpose/Vision

To continually develop and grow Waihi Lifecare whilst meeting the needs and expectations of our resident’s, patients, families, and staff.

Our Vision:

To provide holistic, quality care that improves, promotes, and protects the health of our residents/patients.

Our Values:

W – Whanau centered 

A – Accountability

 I – Integrity

H – Honesty

          L   I   F   E

C – Compassion

A – Authenticity

R – Respect

E – Everyone Matters

W – Whanau centered – whanau/family input and communication are vital to the wellbeing of all  our residents/patients. 

A – Accountability – We take ownership and make things happen for our residents/patients. We are connected to our community.

I – Integrity – we show our integrity by being trustworthy and sincere in everything we do.

H – Honesty – is demonstrated by what we say and what we do.

C – Compassion – we are big hearted and compassionate. We are kind to each other. 

A – Authenticity – be true to your own personality, values, and spirit.

R – Respect – genuine respect between our residents/patients and staff makes our facility a safe place.

E – Everyone Matters – whether residents, patients, family members or a staff member.

18 Toomey Street, Waihi

07-863 8089