It is now two years since we acquired Waihi Lifecare and what an exciting and challenging journey it has been!

We can’t thank our amazing team of staff and management enough for the support they have given us through the many changes that have taken place since our inception.

From major renovations, both structural and cosmetic, to staff restructuring and the long overdue focus on upgrading our beloved Birthing Centre.

Just when we thought we were making great progress, 2020 hit us and the rest of the world with Covid 19.  What a roller coaster of logistics and emotions to be thrown our way.  It has been especially difficult for our residents and families being separated during the lock down phases. We would like to acknowledge you all and express our extreme gratitude to everyone who worked so hard to keep our beloved residents safe during the uncertainty of Covid.

Since our doors opened again, we have not only welcomed families back into the facility, but also contractors who have given our Resthome a beautiful facelift.  It now has a fresh, peaceful feel to it, that brings comfort and happiness to our residents.

We welcome you to come and view Waihi Lifecare at your leisure.

Best wishes and stay safe,

Steven Wallace &

Helen Watson